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  1. Poseidon (/ p ə ˈ s aɪ d ən, p ɒ-, p oʊ-/; Greek: Ποσειδῶν, pronounced [poseːdɔ́ːn]) was one of the Twelve Olympians in ancient Greek religion and myth, god of the sea, storms, earthquakes and horses. In pre-Olympian Bronze Age Greece, he was venerated as a chief deity at Pylos and Thebes.. He had also the cult title earth shaker. In the myths of isolated Arcadia he is.
  2. Poseidon saved Amymone from a satyr. His primary means of transportation was a chariot pulled by horses. Poseidon assisted the Greeks in the Trojan war. However, Zeus commanded him to withdraw from the battlefield, and he reluctantly obeyed. His grudge against Odysseus is one theme in the Odyssey. Poseidon was the husband of Amphitrite, a Nereid
  3. ion over the world, with Poseidon presiding over the kingdom of the sea
  4. Poseidon was one of the twelve Olympian deities of the pantheon in Greek mythology. His main domain was the ocean, and he is called the God of the Sea. Additionally, he is referred to as Earth-Shaker due to his role in causing earthquakes, and has been called the tamer of horses. He is usually depicted as an older male with curly hair and a beard. He was often depicted riding Hippocampi.
  5. Poseidon's wife was the Nereid Amphitrite although she had proved a little difficult during the courting process and once fled to the Atlas mountains. Fortunately, the sea god was helped by the dolphin Delphinus who persuaded Amphitrite to return and marry Poseidon
  6. Poseidon är havets, källornas, flodernas och jordbävningarnas gud i grekisk mytologi. [1] Poseidons attribut är treudden och delfinen och han skapade den första hästen. [2] [3] Han motsvaras hos romarna av Neptunus.Beskrivning. Poseidon var son till Kronos och Rhea, äldre bror till himmelsguden Zeus och till dödsguden Hades, samt make till Amfitrite
  7. Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea, storms, earthquakes, droughts, floods and horses. He is the son of the Titans Kronos and Rhea, as well as one of the Big Three. His Roman counterpart is Neptune. 1 History 1.1 Birth and Rescue 1.2 Rescuing the Elder Cyclopes and Hekatonkheires 1.3 The First..

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  1. This answer is somewhat speculative based upon my own historical research of these topics. The short answer is that Poseidon was an ancient god or tetraploid human and they are much bigger, stronger and smarter than us diploid humans. Their superi..
  2. Poseidon was said to have fathered three sons with Libya who became rules in North Africa, and the legendarily cruel King Busirus of Egypt was also his son. While the cities of the Greek world generally created the connection to the gods themselves, these foreign connections were imagined by Greek writers and applied to other cultures
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  4. Poseidon is the violent and ill-tempered god of the sea. One of the Twelve Olympians, he was also feared as the provoker of earthquakes and worshipped as the creator of the horse.A hot-blooded deity, Poseidon had many disputes with both gods and men, most famously with Athena and Odysseus. Get professional help on your Poseidon Writing Assignment!.
  5. Poseidon filled the necessary role of antagonist in the story of Odysseus. His anger toward the hero was caused not by the blinding of his son, which was a just act following his violence, but by the arrogant boasts of Odysseus himself
  6. Poseidon (as he was so-called in Greek Religion) was worshiped for being not only being the god of the ocean/sea, he was also worshiped for being the god of earthquakes (hence the epithet he is.
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Poseidon was the Olympian god of the sea, earthquakes, floods, drought and horses. This page provides an expansive overview of the children of Zeus. The majority of were linked to him with only the briefest of genealogical references. Many were assigned his parentage to emphasize their rough and brutal nature--such as the opponents of Heracles Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea, brother of Zeus, Hades, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia. He is the second youngest god from the original six (Kronos' children). He is really powerful and has a. Amphitrite, in Greek mythology, the goddess of the sea, wife of the god Poseidon, and one of the 50 (or 100) daughters (the Nereids) of Nereus and Doris (the daughter of Oceanus). Poseidon chose Amphitrite from among her sisters as the Nereids performed a dance on the isle of Naxos. Refusing his offer of marriage, she fled to Atlas, from whom she was retrieved by a dolphin sent by Poseidon

På Poseidon jobbar 285 personer med att ge service åt våra hyresgäster och utveckla bostadsområdena. Vår organisation bygger på att vi finns nära hyresgästen. Därför utgår de flesta av våra medarbetare från något av våra sju distrikt The mighty Earthshaker, Poseidon ruled the waves that the ancient seafaring Greeks depended upon. Fisherman and sea captains swore fealty to him and avoided his wrath; the sea god's persecution of the hero Odysseus was well known, and few wished to wander so far and so long before finding their home port. In addition to his influence over the seas, Poseidon was responsible for earthquakes.

Poseidon was not so well-disposed toward another famous hero. Because Odysseus blinded the Cyclops Polyphemus, who was Poseidon's son, the god not only delayed the hero's homeward return from the Trojan War but caused him to face enormous perils. Poseidon similarly cursed the wife of King Minos In Homer's Iliad, Poseidon supports the Greeks against the Trojans during the Trojan War. In the Odyssey , during the sea-voyage from Troy back home to Ithaca, the Greek hero Odysseus provokes Poseidon's fury by blinding his son the Cyclops Polyphemus, resulting in Poseidon punishing him with storms, the complete loss of his ship and companions, and a ten-year delay

Poseidon is said to have carried Amphitrite off with him while she was playing with her sisters, according to Encyclopedia Mythica. Amphitrite and Poseidon gave birth to a son, Triton, a half-human, half-fish god. Poseidon also had an affair with Medusa to produce the winged horse Pegasus and raped Aethra to produce the hero Theseus Poseidon (gresk: Ποσειδῶν) var i henhold til gresk mytologi en av de olympiske gudene.Han var i antikken referert til som «havets gud» og «jordrysteren», foruten også «temmer av hester». Han ble vanligvis beskrevet og avbildet som en eldre mann med krøllet hår og skjegg. Sjømenn tilba ofte Poseidon om trygg seilas og man ofret ofte hester til havet for hans ære

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Poseidon was given the cult title of 'Earth Shaker'. In the myths of isolated Arcadia, he is related to Demeter and Persephone. He was also once venerated as a horse. Poseidon is considered to be the protector of seafarers. It was Homer and Hesiod who suggested that Poseidon become the god of the sea Poseidon was a very important deity in many Greek cities, including but not limited to Athens. He was honored on a regular basis with offerings and sacrifices , particularly by sailors and others who made their livings from the sea; fishermen, and those who lived along the coastlines wanted to keep Poseidon appeased so he wouldn't cause a devastating earthquake or flood Poseidon (Earthshaker, Dark-haired one, Neptune) Poseidon was an Olympian god of sea and earthquakes.In some cases, he is also referred to as a tamer of horses. He was known for his fast changing temperament and being easily offended. And because he was also dignified and competitive, it was very important not to offend him or argue his statements and acts Poseidon tried to bribe the citizens by offering them a horse; Athena gave them the olive tree, and won the contest. Corinth, Small painting of Poseidon. Eleusis, Statue of Poseidon. Statuette of Poseidon. Poseidon on a coin of Demetrius Poliorcetes. Neptune Poseidon was the god of the sea who was worshipped by Atlanteans. They often showed their faith in the Temple of Poseidon. (The Earth Bull) Poseidon was the judge of most Atlanteans in slaying the Minotaur and their skill in bull-leaping. (A Boy of No Consequence) When the Palladium was stolen by Medea, it was said the earthquake that ensued was the anger of Poseidon. (A New Dawn Part 1

Poseidon was one of the major deities in ancient Greece.He was the God of the sea, of earthquakes and of horses.He was swallowed by his father Cronus at birth and it was his brother Zeus who ultimately forced Cronus to disgorge him. Poseidon was infamous for his violent temper and he also often enforced himself on nymphs, goddesses as well as mortals.As a consequence he father numerous gods. Poseidon was the Olympian god of the sea, earthquakes, floods, drought and horses. This page describes the mortal lovers of the god. Most of these, however, only appear in the ancient genealogies with no accompanying story. The most famous of liaisons were the maidens Amymone, Aethra, Tyro and Iphimedeia Poseidon married the beautiful Amphitrite. She was the daughter of Oceanus. At first, she did not want to be his bride and she escaped to Atlas Mountains. Poseidon sent a messenger to get her and she came back and then married Poseidon. Amphitrite and Poseidon had three children together. One of there children was named Triton (only boy)

Poseidon was born amongst the six children of the titans Chronos and Rhea after he was born he was promptly swallowed whole because of a curse that his father Ouranos had put on him before his death. The curse was that his own children would kill. Poseidon was the Greek god of the sea, and he was brother to the gods Zeus and Hades. Poseidon had many lovers of both genders, and fathered many heroes. One such mortal, a woman named Cleito, lived on an isolated island and birthed five sets of twin boys. Cleito named her first born Atlas. He and his brothers became the first rulers of Atlantis Poseidon was the ancient Greek god of the sea, rivers, floods and drought, earthquakes, and horses. He was depicted as a mature man with a sturdy build and dark beard holding a trident (a three-pronged fisherman's spear). His Roman name was Neptune In Greek mythology, Poseidon is the violent and ill-tempered god of the sea, storms, earthquakes and horses. He is Zeus and Hades' brother, and is one of the Twelve Olympians.With his trident, he can shake and shatter whatever he wants.He is also called Earth-shaker and is the source of earthquakes. His queen's name is Amphitrite, and they had three daughters together

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Kom ihåg mig? Glömt lösenord Poseidon was god of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses and is considered one of the most bad-tempered, moody and greedy Olympian gods. He was known to be vengeful when insulted. He is the. Poseidon The Story of Poseidon The mythical story and history of Poseidon by E.M. Berens. The Mythical Story of Poseidon Poseidon was the son of Cronus and Rhea, and the brother of Zeus.He was god of the sea, more particularly of the Mediterranean, and, like the element over which he presided, was of a variable disposition, now violently agitated, and now calm and placid, for which reason he.

  1. Poseidon var havets, källornas och flodernas gud i den grekiska religionen. Han sades vara (14 av 98 ord) Vill du få tillgång till hela artikeln? Testa NE.se gratis eller Logga in. Information om artikeln Visa Stäng. Källangivelse
  2. g soon Alternative names: Enosichthon. Gender: Male Type: God Celebration or Feast Day: Unknown at present. In charge of: the Ocean Area of expertise: Sea, Seas, Ocean, Oceans. Good/Evil Rating: NEUTRAL, may not care Popularity index: 412
  3. Poseidon är havets, källornas, flodernas och jordbävningarnas gud i grekisk mytologi. [1] Poseidons attribut är treudden och delfinen och han skapade den första hästen. [2] [3] Han motsvaras hos romarna av Neptunus. Poseidon syns här med treudden. Beskrivning
  4. Poseidon (ポセイドン) is the God of the Ocean and one of the 12 Gods of Olympus. 1 History 1.1 Mythological origin 1.2 Holy War 1.3 War of Attica 1.4 XIII Century Holy War 1.5 Lost Canvas 1.6 Before Poseidon Saga 1.7 During the Poseidon Saga 1.7.1 In the Manga 1.7.2 In Anime 1.8 The Saga of Hades 1.9..
  5. Poseidon had complete power and control over the ocean. He could create storms to sink ships or clear weather to help them along. He also could cause earthquakes on land which earned him the title earth-shaker. Birth of Poseidon Poseidon was the son of Cronus and Rhea, the king and queen of the Titans
  6. Poseidon definition, the ancient Greek god of the sea, with the power to cause earthquakes, identified by the Romans with Neptune. See more
  7. Poseidon is a loose remake of The Poseidon Adventure (1972) (1972), both of which were based on The Poseidon Adventure (1969), a novel by American writer Paul Gallico. Gallico based The Poseidon Adventure on an incident regarding the British ocean liner RMS Queen Mary, which almost capsized after being hit by a 90-foot rogue wave in 1942

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Poseidón yera un importante dios municipal de delles ciudaes: n'Atenes, yera'l segundu n'importancia por detrás namái d'Atenea, mientres en Corinto y en munches ciudaes de la Magna Grecia yera'l dios xefe de la polis. Nel so aspeutu benignu, Poseidón concebíase creando nueves islles y ufiertando mares n'aselu. Cuando s'enoxar o yera ignoráu, fendía'l suelu col so tridente y provocaba. Poseidon was the god of the sea and protector of all aquatic animals and features. He was one of the more popular Greek gods, along with his brothers Hades and Zeus. He was widely worshiped by those who traveled through the rough ocean waters and become known as the lord of the sea Poseidon är känd för sin makt över havet, så hans gudomliga krafter gynnar sjöenheter i strid. Poseidon kan framkalla stormar som förstör fiendernas flottor och jordbävningar som slår ner fiendens mur. Poseidon har även en vänlig sida, vilket kan gynna spelare som extra råvaror och motiverade hamnarbetare Poseidon to the Greeks and Neptune to the Romans, he was the ancient god of the sea and of earthquakes. Brother and sometime competitor with Zeus, leader of the Greek gods, Poseidon held great power and an unpredictable nature. Sailors undertaking journeys would sacrifice to him before,. Supporters are entirely unnecessary to those who have already attained perfection ― Poseidon, Chapter 18 Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea and is the third fighter of Ragnarök for the gods. He was the most fearsome among all the gods and first of the gods to fall. Poseidon constantly looks down on many things from humans to fellow gods. Poseidon fought with all his might against Kojiro.

Poseidon also had an affair with Alope, his granddaughter through Cercyon, begetting the Attic hero Hippothoon. Cercyon had his daughter buried alive but Poseidon turned her into the spring, Alope, near Eleusis. Poseidon rescued Amymone from a lecherous satyr and then fathered a child, Nauplius, by her Poseidon Poseidon is the brother of Zeus. After the overthow of their Father Cronus he drew lots with Zeus and Hades, another brother, for shares of the world. His prize was to become lord of the sea. He was widely worshiped by seamen. He married Amphitrite, a granddaughter of the Titon Oceanus. At one point he desired Demeter Who are Poseidon's good friends? Zeus, Hades, Hestia, Demeter and Hera are family, but they are good acquaintances. Also he is the wife of Amphitrite, but she is a good friend of Poseidon Directed by Wolfgang Petersen. With Richard Dreyfuss, Kurt Russell, Emmy Rossum, Josh Lucas. On New Year's Eve, the luxury ocean liner Poseidon capsizes after being swamped by a rogue wave. The survivors are left to fight for their lives as they attempt to escape the sinking ship

Poseidon is a Virtual Enterprise firm based at Huntington High School in Huntington New York. We have produced a luxury shower head that reduces water consumption to save money and help the environment Poseidon (vanakreeka keeles Ποσειδῶν) on vanakreeka mütoloogias merejumal ning Kronose ja Rhea poeg. Tema sümboliks on kolmhark. Tema vasteks vanarooma mütoloogias on Neptunus.. Pärast Kronose surma jagasid tema kolm poega maailma omavahel ära: Zeus sai taeva, Hades allmaailma ja Poseidon mere, maad aga valitsevad nad kõik koos. . Poseidonit peetakse sageli taltsutamatuks.

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Poseidon, God of the Sea is a pro-monster divinity of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world. Similar to the greek god of the same name, Poseidon rules over all the world's oceans and commands all the creatures living within them. Poseidon was originally aligned with the Chief God and Heaven but, was later monsterized and joined forces with the Demon Lord.123 As the patron of an ocean home to. Poseidon was the Greek 'God of the Sea', and the god of earthquakes, horses, and storms, as well as one of 12 of the gods at Mount Olympus. Poseidon's origins are not known for sure, but he was an important god in ancient Greek mythology because he ruled the seas and men would often pray to him on voyages at sea to keep them safe. Poseidon, like all gods, had a city that they had to protect

Poseidon synonyms, Poseidon pronunciation, Poseidon translation, English dictionary definition of Poseidon. n. Greek Mythology The god of the waters, earthquakes, and horses, and brother of Zeus Med Poseidon kan brukaren själv tvätta så gott som hela sin kropp - bröst, bål, ben och underliv. Brukaren startar duschen via den smidiga kontrollpanelen som finns monterad på ena armstödet. Med hjälp av enkla och tydliga knappar styr man sedan själv tryck, temperatur, tvåsystem och duschområde på kroppen

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På allabolag.se hittar du företagsinformation om Poseidon. allabolag.se ger alla tillgång till bokslut, befattningshavare, kreditupplysningar, adresser och annan företagsinformation Välkommen till Poseidons frågeforum! Här hittar du svar på de vanligaste frågorna vi får. Hittar du inte svar på det du undrar över kan du ställa din egna fråga. Vi svarar på frågor på vardagar 08.30-16.00. Vill du göra en felanmälan eller söka lägenhet gör du det via vår hemsida. Tänk på att din fråga blir publik och skriv därför inte ut några personuppgifter när du.

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Poseidon Ah, hahahah! Excellently stated, venerable Goddess Demeter! I'm reminded once more of your vast experience, though, I think we all prefer our oceans liquidy, isn't that right, Nephew?! Gifting Nectar (1) Zagreus Uncle Poseidon, it's been excellent to know you, sir, so, please, this is for you. Poseidon Poseidon har världens långsammaste och buggigaste sida 1 sep, 2020 1; Festlokal 30 aug, 2020 1; Hökegatan 17 24 aug, 2020 1; Anmält intresse till lägenhet 26 jul, 2020 4; Lösen ord till mina sidor 24 jun, 2020 8; att logga in 23 jun, 2020 1; felanmälanfunktionen 15 jun, 2020 Poseidon Diving Systems webshop. Genom att fortsätta surfa på denna hemsida godkänner du användningen av kakor Poséidon (en grec ancien Ποσειδῶν / Poseidỗn, en crétois, en béotien Ποτειδάων / Poteidáôn, en latin Neptūnus) est le dieu de la mer et des océans, ainsi que l' « ébranleur du sol » — dieu des tremblements de terre et des sources dans la mythologie grecque.Son symbole principal est le trident, qu'il reçoit des Cyclopes pendant la Titanomachie, il est aussi. Emmy award-winning television producer Kevin Burns, known for his work on the 2006 Poseidon Adventure remake and the Lost in Space reboot died Sunday of cardiac arrest, Prometheus.

Bostads AB Poseidon, Angered Ramavtal för rensning, injustering och OVK samt övriga ventilationsrelaterade arbeten i beställarens fastigheter. Sista anbudsdag. Idag (2020-11-15) 2020-10-16. Intresserad av att köpa ytterligare ett 1080Ti Poseidon. Är ej intresserad av andra grafikkort än just Poseidon modellen. Om du har ett som du är intresserad av sälja så är det bara att skriva, inkludera gärna ungefärligt önskat pris Bostads AB Poseidon är ett av Göteborgs största bostadsbolag. Vi äger och förvaltar cirka 27 000 lägenheter i Göteborgs kommun och har närmare 60 000 hyresgäster. Det betyder att ungefär. ♫ Download Link ♫ http://buy.kontor.tv/Neptunica-Poseidon.htmlOur Spotify Playlist: http://spoti.fi/237iVZi♫ Support Trap Nation ♫♦http://soundcloud.com. Hotel Poseidon är bemannad dygnet runt. Wifi. Wifi finns i hela byggnaden och är kostnadsfritt för dig som gäst. Kaffe/té och kaka finns dygnet runt i lobbyn och ingår när du är gäst hos oss

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  2. Mary Elizabeth Last Modified Date: July 26, 2020 . In Greek mythology, Poseidon — along with Demeter, Hades, Hera, Hestia, and Zeus — is one of the children of the Titans Cronus and Rhea. He is considered patron of the waters, earthquakes, horses, and navigation, and his counterpart in Roman mythology is Neptune, from whose name we get the name of the eighth planet
  3. Poseidon var bror till Zeus och Hades och havets gud.Egentligen Medelhavets gud därför att grekerna tyckte det var det viktigaste havet. Tillsammans med sina andra syskon blev han slukad av sin far, Titanen Kronos, men räddades senare av Zeus, som kommit undan Kronos.När kriget närmade sig mellan gudarna och titanerna smidde de tre cykloperna en magisk treudd åt Poseidon
  4. Poseidon is one of the trio of gods who lead the Greek Pantheon that passed into the Human Realm when Ultio R opened the portal to the Second Heavenly Realm. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 4 Plot 4.1 Ragnarok Arc 5 Abilities 6 Trivia 7 References 8 Navigation Poseidon takes the form a middle-aged man with a lean build wearing an orange swim wear with a v-neck that slightly exposes his.

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POSEIDON was the subordinate function of GAIA tasked with detoxifying Earth's poisoned seas as part of Project Zero Dawn. 1 History 1.1 Purpose 1.2 Results 1.3 Unknown Signal 2 Trivia 3 References POSEIDON was designed to detoxify Earth's oceans once the Faro Plague was shut down. Otherwise, nothing is known about the POSEIDON subordinate function: the Alpha in charge of its design is neither. Poseidon POSEIDON byggdes som lotsbåt för Københavns Lodseri på Christensens Staalskibsværft i Marstal 1954. 1976 var det dags att ersätta henne med nyare tonnage, så POSEIDON såldes till Christoffer Sørensen i Stavanger, som kort efter sålde vidare till Sverre Eike Laomedon, legendary king of Troy, son of Ilus and Eurydice and father of Podarces (later famous as King Priam of Troy). He brought about his own destruction by not keeping his word. When Laomedon refused to give the gods Apollo and Poseidon a promised reward for building the walls of Troy, the Poseidon or Posidon (Greek: Ποσειδῶν, gen: Ποσειδῶνος) is ane o the twal Olympian deities o the pantheon in Greek meethologie.His main domain is the ocean, an he is cried the God o the Sea.Addeetionally, he is referred tae as Yird-Shaker due tae his role in causin yirdquauks, an haes been cried the tamer o horse. He is uisually depictit as an aulder male wi curly hair. Poseidon was the Greek equivalent of Oannes, the standard of marine gods for the Sumerians. Zeus, lord of Olympus, was a weather god, controller of lightning, thunder and rain. The thunder was the symbol of power and one of his most powerful weapons, which he used to correct people

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Poseidon's emotions could help or hurt him, depending on whether he held them in, or let them out. Feelings really need to be kept in moderation for the most part if possible, or they can harm you and others. In Greek Myth, water is a symbol of those emotions, either locked away, or retrieved and faced Poseidon is the god of the sea in Greek mythology. He is the older brother of both Zeus and Hades and second oldest of his siblings behind Hestia. Poseidon functioned as an antagonist of other gods usually not through direct malevolence but rather as a result of egotism and uncontrollable fits of anger; Additionally he is the main antagonist in the epic poems of The Iliad and The Odyssey. 1. Poseidon. The god of the Mediterranean sea. His name seems to be connected with πότος (potos), πόντος (pontos), and ποταμός (potamos), according to which he is the god of the fluid element. 1 He was a son of Cronus and Rhea, whence he is called Kronios (Κρόνιος) and by Latin poets Saturnius. 2 He was accordingly a brother of Zeus, Hades, Hera, Hestia and Demeter, and. Contents[show] History Origin Poseidon was the son of Cronus and Rhea, both of whom were of a race of extra-dimensional beings known as the Titans, who were the offspring of Ouranus (the primeval God of the Sky) and Gaea (the primeval Goddess of the Earth). When Poseidon came into power, he became the Greek God of the Sea, and was therefore worshipped by the mortals of Ancient Greece. The.

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Poseidon (Greek: Ποσειδῶν) is the god of the sea, earthquakes, storms and horses in ancient Greek religion and myth.He was one of the Twelve Olympians.His parents were Kronos and Rhea.He was the older brother of Zeus yet not by much.. Poseidon was generally regarded as an ill-tempered being. His mood was a reflection of the state of his realm Poseidon, God of the Oceans, is a mage of the Greek pantheon in Smite. 1 Lore 2 Abilities 3 Skins 3.1 Old cards 3.2 Concepts/Models 4 Achievements 5 Videos 6 Patch changes 7 External links Deep beneath the turbulent tides of the ocean lingers a God of idle rage. What must it be like to live..

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According to the Age of Mythology handbook, Poseidon originally had an additional bonus that increased the movement speed of fishing ships and caravans. Add a photo to this galler Given Poseidon's connection with horses as well as the sea, and the landlocked situation of the likely Indo-European homeland, some scholars have proposed that Poseidon was originally an aristocratic horse-god who was then assimilated to Near Eastern aquatic deities when the basis of the Greek livelihood shifted from the land to the sea.In any case, the early all-importance of Poseidon can. Poseidon pōsī´dən , in Greek religion and mythology, god of the sea, protector of all waters. After the fall of the Titans, Poseidon was allotted the sea. He was worshiped especially in connection with navigation; but as the god of fresh waters he also was worshiped as a fertility god

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